Make Your Own: Backyard Chalkboard

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Chalkboards in your home are all the rage right now. It seems like you can’t open a home decor magazine or look online without seeing chalkboard paint used somewhere in the house. Well, today I am taking it outside into my yard. Since I am busy revamping my garden and backyard, I though I would also add some fun things for the kids to do when they are outside with me.

I got the idea to make the outdoor chalkboard from my friend Jennifer over at Naughty Secretary Club. She made an outdoor chalkboard for her kids and Madeline loves to play with it every time we are over at her house. I also had some leftover outdoor paint that I used to reprint our front door, so I used that and some of the left over grout I had from retailing our bathroom floors and created a unique chalkboard in my custom paint color. The recipe calls for 1 cup latex paint ( I used the exterior paint since this board will be outside) and 2 tbsp un-sanded grout.

Mix well and paint with a paint brush on your medium of choice. I used a large panel of 1/2″ thick wood I got at Lowe’s. Work quickly, because the paint will thicken and dry right away. Once it is dry, rub chalk on the board to prime the surface and then wipe with a damp rag. You can then either mount your chalk board to your fence or prop it up against a wall, pair with some sidewalk chalk for a great outdoor activity area. So far it is very popular and was so very easy to do!

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