Make Your Own: Gourmet Peach Donuts

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So I heard recently that you could just fry Grand’s Biscuit dough to make your own donuts. And while there are plenty of recipes to make your own donuts, I thought, “Why don’t we kick it up a notch and make some Gourmet Peach Donuts?”, and that is just what I have done. I made some amazing donuts tonight and I will how you all how to make your own and home. Trust me it is easy and they are SOOOOO GOOD you will have hard time just eating one, so beware and make sure you have some other people around to help you scarf them down!

For this recipe you will need:


One Can of Grand’s Flaky Layers Biscuits (or any of their many varieties)
One Can of Peach Pie Filling
One Can of White Frosting
Cinnamon and sugar for coating
Crushed Graham Crackers for the top
Vegetable Oil for Frying

Take out the refrigerated biscuits and squish them down slightly and then cut out the center hole. I have a small circle cutter that I used, but get creative and try the top of an empty bottle, coke bottle lid, or any other small circular tool you may have. Fry the donuts one at a time in deep oil pan at 360 – 375 °F until golden brown. Drain on paper towels for 10-15 seconds and, while still warm, coat with the cinnamon and sugar mixture (I used a large ziploc bag to coat the donuts one at a time as they came out of the fryer).



When all the donuts are made and coated with the cinnamon and sugar, spoon some of the peach pie filling (warm it up first if you want) over the top of the donuts and then drizzle on the icing and top with the crushed graham crackers. You should definitely eat them while they are warm, because they wonderful that way, but they also taste good at room temp.


Try them and let me know what you think!

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