I Love Eggs!

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Seriously, I love eggs so much! Give me eggs over easy and a piece of toasted, buttered French bread and I am a happy girl. For breakfast today I made a spinach, onion, potato, and bacon frittata. Now I am not actually sure if it was a true frittata, but I think that is what it was, so I am going with that. I basically cooked chopped up potatoes, frozen spinach, onion, parsley, and chives with a little vegan butter (but you can use regular or olive oil if you like) until the potatoes were tender and then I added crumbled cooked microwave bacon. Next I added some scrambled eggs that I seasoned with salt and pepper and gently pushed the mixture around the pan to cook the eggs a bit. After the bottom part of the frittata was set, I put the pan under the broiler until the eggs were cooked through.

I served the frittata with the only fresh fruit I had left in the fridge (today was a shopping day and food was running low over here) and a piece of toasted ciabatta bread.

It was mighty tasty and satisfied my egg craving for the day.

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