California Nachos

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I have been busy the last week or so preparing product for the 3rd annual Renegade Craft Fair here in Austin. The show will be May 19-20th, so if you are in town you should come out and shop. It is free to get in and there will be tons of cool handmade merchandise to buy. I will have lots of ipad cases, necklaces, tote bags, wallets, and sunglasses case. Oh and headbands and pocket mirrors too! Here is the flyer with the details:

In other news, tonight I was having a craving for nachos, but not any old nachos ones like I had at a restaurant here in town a few months ago. These “California” nachos are pretty much your basic nacho, refried beans, fajita chicken, colby jack cheese, but then they are topped with guacamole, sprouts, and fresh tomato. Yummy! I am sure you could even add some crumbled bacon to the top to make them even more awesome, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I went with what I had. Take a look. Aren’t those just amazing looking? I have to say that the sprouts add a nice crunch to the nacho and really alleviate the heat of the salsa and spiced fajita chicken. Anyway, they hit the spot. Now I think I might cut up some fresh cold watermelon for dessert.

And with that it is back to sewing for me…Later!

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