Garden Update 5-15-2012

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It is time for another update on my garden. Aren’t you lucky?!

Well, the thing that I am the most happy about is that I have finally attracted some bees to my garden. I have been hand pollinating my garden for the last week or two, but now that the bees have come, they can do that work for me. Another wonderful thing is that it has been raining fairly consistently here for the last week. Which means I haven’t has to water. Here in central Texas, it is rare to get any rain in mid May, so it has been a nice surprise.

Due to all the rain and not super hot temps, my garden has been doing amazing! However one of the biggest disappointments is that my celery experiment failed. The pill bugs started to eat the decomposing celery and continued until they ate a hole all the way through the center of the bunch. There was no way the celery could root with no center. So that failed, but I have started a new bunch and I think I might keep it inside in a window sill to keep the bugs away and see if I have better luck. I know that there have been many people that have had success, so I just have to find the right conditions. below is a picture of my new celery growth.

Other than that, my zucchini, yellow crookneck, and spaghetti squash are growing well. My cucumber leafs are huge and spreading everywhere. I have only had one cucumber so far, but now that the bees are here, I am sure that more will be pollinated soon. My green bush beans have produced several small harvests and my tomatoes are still going crazy! My little cherry tomato plant has over 200 tomatoes on it, and I have already picked and eaten 4-5 cups of tomatoes.

My pineapple plant has also finally taken root and there is a good amount of new growth coming out of the middle. Anything else you guys want to know about? Just let me know!

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  1. Mom

    May 16th, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Your garden looks fabulous! I am way jealous as I am still in an apartment so am planter gardening on my balcony… way less rewarding.
    I did try the celery thingy though and while mine didn't get bugs, it keeps sprouting out from the center but no growth in height? Am I doing something wrong here?

  2. Practical Horticulture

    September 26th, 2012 at 4:42 am

    About the celery…it is a cool season crop so try it in the all/spring/winter. I think it's a smashing idea, but give a lot of thought to your cool season plantings, celery being one of them!



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