The $8 Gray Sunburst Mirror DIY Project

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Lucky you! I have yet another DIY sunburst mirror project for you. And this one is inexpensive too!
To recreate this look you will need the following supplies:
50 paint stir sticks from Home Depot – I asked super nicely and the employee gave them to me, but you could also just pick up a few each time to go in for a visit.
Gorilla Glue
Cardboard or small piece of thin plywood (about 10″ square)
An embroidery hoop inner ring (mine was an 8″ hoop)
A round 8″ mirror

To begin, trace a circle on the center of the cardboard and glue the paint stir sticks with the indented portion facing the center. Do this around the entire circle.

While those dry, go ahead and take the remaining stir sticks and using a miter saw and box or chop saw and cut the paint stir stick just below the indented portion.
Take the longer of the two pieces and glue them around the circle making sure to space them in between the first layer. Finally, take the tiny remaining pieces and glue them cut side towards the center. Again making sure to stagger them in between the previous layer.
Once the glue is dry, take the piece outside along with the inner ring of the embroidery hoop and spray paint them the color of your choice. Finally glue the mirror into the center of the sunburst and the painted hoop onto the mirror.

Now I did things a little differently and glued the mirror and hoop to the sunburst first and then painted it. But I would recommend doing it the way I outlined above for both ease and a beautiful finish.

I chose to paint my mirror a dark gray, but since the project was cheap and super quick, I think I might make one in a different color for my bed room, or just to change out with the seasons/holidays. Hot pink for valentines day and red for Christmas anyone?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How did you hang this?!

  2. Teresa says:

    I love this idea. I think I will try it with a little larger mirror. Thank you for the inspiration and tutorial.



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