Thrift Chair to Porch Perch

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I have been bitten by the DIY, repaint, fix up everything bug! It started when we decided that we were finally going to look for a new house in the spring. This then brought about our list of to-do’s to get our house ready to sell.

Well, I have tackled quite a few of the little projects over the last few weeks. But the success of these little projects paired with HGTV has made me jones for some more crafty re-do’s. So, in that vain, I headed to the closest Goodwill just looking for something inexpensive that I could craft around with. I found two things that I just couldn’t pass up. The first is the subject of this post.

I got a stained, wobbly chair for a whopping $4, and turned it into my new lovely front porch perch.

To make this beauty, I unscrewed the legs from the chair seat and spray painted them yellow using rustoleum spray paint. Then I used another can of spray paint by rustoleum (the kind with the built in primer) in sort of bluish teal color to spray paint the chair seat and back. I made sure to do two light even coats and and let the chair dry in between coats to avoid drips and runs. I then reattached the seat to the legs and added a fun throw pillow that I recovered in a cobalt zig zag pattern.

The whole project only cost me $4 since I had everything else on hand already and took only about 30 minutes.

Need some inspiration for your next chair project? How about turquoise legs with a bright red seat, or a plum seat with gold legs? The possibilities are endless!

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