Washi Tape Tea Lights

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In addition to all the furniture painting I have been doing, I have also been preparing for my daughters 4th birthday party. Given, it isn’t until Halloween, but with a baby and a business to take care of, I have to start prepping early!

Madeline’s last few birthday parties have been a hansel and gretel party, a sesame street party, and last year was a gnome party (which I realize, I have yet to post about, oops). This year however, we are going to have a royal tea party! This way she gets the pink princess party she wants, but I get to have a little creativity with it.

Aside from collecting tea cups a little plates from the thrift store, as well as some cute vases and plates for cake/food stands, this is the first craft I have done for her party and it is getting me excited! I probably won’t light them at the party (I don’t want open flames around little kids). But how cute are these going to look strewn around the pink, turquoise, and gold table scape?

Of course it is so easy that Madeline was able to help me with it. Which she loved!
To make these cute washi tape tea light candles, I picked up a package of pink tea lights from ikea, and just wrapped the washi tape around the metal part of the candle and cut it to size. The nice thing is that washi tape is the same width as a tea light candle, which means it took no time at all to wrap all these candles.

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