Advent Activity Day 3 – Writing a letter to Santa

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Today we wrote Madeline’s letter to Santa. I purchased a sticker pack and the snowflake crayons in the target dollar bin, and the card and envelope were from a valentines card pack that i also got at target back in february.

 I told her to tell me a few things that she wanted to ask Santa for and helped her wrote her letter. The funny thing is she has been telling me all these things she wants for Christmas, but when it came time for her to write the letter, all these new requests came out. It was as if she forgot all about the things she has been bugging me for weeks to buy her and just made up random things. 
When we were dine with the letter, she picked out the outfit she wanted to wear to go drop it in the mail and off we went. 
At least I know she will be getting one of those things on her list (I already picked up a pack of glitter glue during the I harks Black Friday sale)!

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