Breakfast Tostadas for Cinco de Mayo

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Everywhere you look (at least here in central Texas) there are signs that Cinco de Mayo is approaching. I figured I would give you a new spin on celebrating the holiday with my recipe for breakfast tostadas. And I use the word recipe very loosely here. It is more like a list of ingredients for making a delicious breakfast.

To make your own breakfast tostadas you will need the following:

fried eggs (any way you like, I prefer my yolk to be runny)
refried beans
cheese (colby jack is always a good choice)
tostada shells
sauteed bell peppers and onions
crumbled bacon

Now just take all those items and layer them on up. First beans, then the egg, next comes cheese, peppers and onions, bacon, and avocado. Top it with your favorite salsa and enjoy. Really pretty simple and an oh so tasty way to start off your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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