Craft It – A Black and White Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

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As a fun addition to my black and white tribal guest bathroom, I made this fun black giraffe toilet paper holder. Now, this may not stay in this bathroom, but it is a fun addition right now.

To make your own whimsical holder, you will need the following:

  • Plastic toy giraffe with a long neck (I picked up mine at Target)
  • Spray paint in your choice of color
  • Small concrete patch tube (got mine at Lowes)

Take your giraffe and cut a small hole in the neck so that you can fill the body with the concrete mix.

Now fill the body cavity only with the concrete patch material.

Once it is filled, tap the bottom of the giraffe on the ground to make sure all the filler gets into the body of the giraffe. This extra weight will help counter weight the giraffe when the toilet paper roll is added.

Now close up your hole and spray paint with your choice of color. Just be sure to use a spray paint that works on plastic.

Once dry, add your toiler paper roll. I had to clip the ears a bit with some scissors so that the roll would fit over the head.

Hope you have a great weekend! Now go craft something!

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