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Cacti are all the rage right now, and because it is pretty much summer down here in Texas and the heat has set in, cacti crafts seem pretty apropo. With out further ado, I give you a cacti pen case. 

This little holder could also be used for lipstick/Chapstick, knitting needles, tampons, or other long cylindrical objects, but for today it’s holding my sharpies and paint pens.  

To make your own little pouch, you will need two colors of vinyl one of which needs to be green. You will begin by sketching and cutting out a cactus type  shape from your green vinyl. You will need two of these and they need to be mirror images of each other. 
Next you will cut 2 pieces of your pot shape out of the other vinyl. Again, these will need to be mirror images of each other. 

The next step is sewing the pieces together. You will first sew the pot to the cacti. 

Then you will do this with the other two pieces. Next, put the two pot and cacti pieces on top of each other making sure the colored side of the vinyl is facing out on each side. And sew them together on the sides, bottom, and in between the two cacti making sure to leave the top of each cactus open. 

I definitely recommend using a Teflon foot for sewing vinyl. It makes the vinyl slide easily through the machine. Once your pouch is sewn, you can start the decorating process. I used a combo of sharpies and paint pens to decorate my cacti. 


Once decorated, it is ready to store your goodies! 

Tampon holder anyone? 

Or, you know, markers too…

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