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This year marks the first year of real school for my eldest. She will be entering Kindergarten in roughly 10 days, and is oh so excited. This is the beginning of many back to school traditions for us and I can’t wait to share in her excitement. We have already done the school supply shopping and purchased her new back pack and lunch box and she loved the process as much as I did as a kid. While at Target for our shopping trip, I found a pack of long geometric erasers in an assortment of neon colors, and naturally the first thing I thought of was necklaces. It was something about the size and shape of them that made me think that they would be the perfect medium to be turned into pendant necklaces. So I took that idea and ran and came up with these super simple eraser necklaces. What teacher wouldn’t love to be gifted one of these bad boys on the first day of school?!

Learn to craft necklaces out of colorful erasers. Easy Jewelry making tutorial, back to school, teacher appreciation gift ideas

The Supplies:

  • Eye pins (craft store)
  • small 4mm jump rings (craft store)
  • necklace chain (I like to get mine off etsy, but any craft store has plenty to choose from)
  • eraser pack from Target dollar spot
  • pliers

The Steps:

1. First you will want to cut the last third of one of the eye pins off to created a smaller pin piece.

2. Using your pliers slowly push the pin into the end of the eraser. You need to make sure that you pin is straight and that you insert it in the middle of the eraser body to that it doesn’t accidentally poke out the side of the eraser. You want the pin to go straight in.

 3. Once your pin is all the way in, you will attach one of the small jump rings to the eye of the pin.

4. The all that is left is to thread your chain through the ring and close the loop with either a clasp (if you have a short chain) or if you are going to a longer necklace look like me, you can just use another small jump ring. If you are using a thicker chain, you will need to go with a larger 6mm or 8mm jump ring.

And that’s all! Such a simple and unique gift for the teacher. But don’t think that you can’t sport your own eraser necklace too! The look so trendy, no one will ever know that they are an eraser unless you tell them! And the best part? They cost only about $1 each to make! Score!

Learn to craft necklaces out of colorful erasers. Easy Jewelry making tutorial, back to school, teacher appreciation gift ideas

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  1. Blanca F.

    August 24th, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    Cute and clever! Thank you for linking up to The Party Gals Linky Party.



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