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If you are on Pinterest or at all crafty, you have probably seen those sharpie painted mugs that are EVERYWHERE! Well, I wanted to try my hand at a derivation of those using the same technique but with something other than a coffee mug. And what I ended up making were these super cute monogrammed jewelry dishes.

I purchased the plain white dipping bowls from World Market (they have some super inexpensive white serving dishes, plates, and bowls). These little guys were only $1.49 each!

I also stocked up on several colors of oil based sharpie markers a few weeks back when they were on sale at Michaels.

Then, it was just a matter of deciding how I wanted to paint the bowls. I went with a super simple approach and just drew lines up and down in a random pattern making sure to fill in the gaps and color around the edge of the bowl.

I love the imperfect nature of it, but also how it appears to look like a white flower in the center. To add a little more customization (especially if you plan on making any for gifts), I added a free handed initial in the center of the bowl. This step is up to you.

I, of course, am fond of the gold, but I think an assortment of these little bowls in a variety of colors or shades of one color would be super cute too.

The best part is that because you are just using them for jewelry, and don’t plan on washing them, there is no need to bake them. Once the paint dries, they are ready to use! So, that was $1.49 for the bowls and each sharpie marker at regular price was only $3.99 ($2.39 after my coupon). Which means you can make one of these adorbs jewelry dishes for less than $4! Score! And each one took me less than 5 minutes to make. Double score!

How cute would these be for bridesmaids gifts or for your friends for the holidays? It is never to early to start planning those handmade holiday gifts!

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  1. I love this! I may have to make my own. Last time I bought oil based sharpies, they didn't work very well, so I may have to give them another shot.

    • Kara Whitten says:

      They worked well for me! But I don't plan on washing these dishes so I don't have to worry about the paint washing off. I still need to experiment with the baking method to seal the sharpie paint in and make them washable.



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