Bake It – Spin Art Spider Web Cookies

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If you remember back and few months, I talked all about using one of those spin art machines to decorate sugar cookies. Well, my good friend Jennifer (of suggested that I use just black icing to create spider webs using the same technique and they turned out super cute!

They are a little bit Rorschach looking and a little bit spider web looking and a whole lot of Halloween awesomeness! To make your own spider web spin art cookies (or better yet, let the kids do it because it is oh so fun and would make an awesome Halloween party activity), you will need some plain white iced sugar cookies, think black royal icing, a piece of fondant or gum paste, a squeeze bottle, and a spin art machine like this Melissa and Doug one.

First take some fondant and use it to adhere the cookie to the machine.

Once the cookie is in place, spin the cookie and squeeze out the icing onto the cookie just as if you are making a piece of art.

Keep squeezing the icing and spinning the cookie until you are satisfied with the look. Then set aside to dry and get to work on the next one. You can finish them off with a candy spider or fake plastic one for an even spookier effect. Aren’t they fun? And tasty too! I just know the kids will love to eat them as much as make them.


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