Craft It – A Colorful Triangle Pumpkin

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I am taking a little break from the Halloween posts today to share another way that you can easily decorate a faux pumpkin for fall. I have already shown you how to use markers or paint pens to create black and gold tribal pumpkins and an orange ombré pumpkin, and how to spray paint color-blocked pumpkins. Today we are going to use Sharpies to create a colorful triangle pumpkin.

The process is pretty straight forward and if you can draw a triangle then you are golden! Just take
a white faux pumpkin from any craft store and some Sharpie markers in the colors of your choice (I went with orange, hot pink, turquoise, mint, and lime green) and begin to draw your triangle lines down the pumpkin.

Work your way around the pumpkin alternating the direction of the triangles as you go. You will also want to vary the lengths of the triangle chains as well as have some chains start from the bottom and work their way up and some just in the middle. 
Now just sit and watch your favorite show and keep on making those triangles. It is a bit time consuming, but I am sure you could finish one in the length of your average t.v. show. I love how this pumpkin looks nestled in the fall flowers and other colorful pumpkins. That is one fun fall centerpiece if you ask me!
Do you know of any fun colorful ways to decorate a pumpkin? I would love to hear your ideas!

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