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I am in the midst of finishing all my Halloween birthday party projects for the party next Saturday. One of the games that I have planned for the kids to play is a Halloween themed bean bag toss. My mom found some boards on one of her thrift excursions that had three holes and points for each hole on them. They were just plain wood and didn’t have any bean bags, but I knew that with a bit of paint and some DIY’ed bean bags, they would be the perfect party game for this group of 5 and 6 year old’s.

Since you may not be so lucky to find your own boards, you can easily
make them with some 12″ wide planks of wood and a large hole drill bit
attachment. Once you have your boards ready, it is time to move on to the painting.

The first thing I did was
spray paint the two boards blue and pink to get a nice base color. I would have used orange, but I didn’t have any on hand, so pink it was! After that paint was dry, I used vinyl decals of bats and pumpkins that I cut out on my vinyl cutter to create a stencil. If you don’t have access to a vinyl cutter, not to worry. I have seen rats, bats, and other fun Halloween themed decals in stores like Target, Joann’s, and Michaels that would work too!

Once my decals were firmly on the boards, I used matte black spray paint to paint over the entire board with the exception of the inside of the holes and the sides of the boards. I wanted a little pop of color to remain in those spaces.

After the black paint dried, I removed the decals, and I had my custom bean bag toss boards ready to go. Now it was time for the bean bags.

I used orange, black, and white felt that I had on hand to create pumpkin and ghost bean bags. First I cut even sized squares out of the orange and white felt, then used the sticky backed black to create the pumpkin and ghost faces.

Once the faces where stuck on, I doubled up the squares and cut the two pieces into pumpkin and ghost shapes, then stitched around the shape leaving about an inch opening.

I then filled my bean bags with dry rice (because I had that on hand, but small dry beans also work) and stitched the opening closed.

The whole project took me about an hour, and now I have a fun game for the kids to play at the party next weekend.

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