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Fall seems to be pretty synonymous with pumpkins now-a-days. What better way to welcome the new season than by bringing in a bunch of pumpkins? I know that I am at fault for having way too many pumpkins displayed around the house right now and I can’t seem to keep from buying more! If you are in the same boat as me, then you are in luck because I have a super simple and unique way to display all those pumpkins this year. Fill your fireplace with them!

That’s right! Fill it on up. Small ones, large ones, fake ones, real ones, and even colorful ones. There is no rhyme or reason, just stack them on up in there.
The fake ones seem to do best because they are light weight, but feel free to throw a couple real small ones in there too.

Since I am in central Texas, we won’t be using this thing for at least another month or two, so these guys can hang around in here through Thanksgiving. Doesn’t it just make the dark black void that is an unused fireplace so much happier?

In case you need sources, The white pumpkins are fake and are craft pumpkins from Michaels, the orange chevron and half gold pumpkins are fake and from Target Dollar Spot, the large Cinderella pumpkin is fake and from Target Halloween section, and the small pumpkins that are orange, pink, and teal are real and from the grocery store. I just painted them different colors. But really, pumpkins are everywhere right now, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find some.

If you are afraid of that much color, or just want to play it a bit more traditional, it looks good with “normal” colored pumpkins as well!

What do you think? Is this something you would try in your home? I know I am pretty smitten with how it looks. And I find myself wonderful what else I can stuff in here at other times of the year!

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