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Today I have two colorful and easy new twists on DIY ornaments. If I have learned anything over the years, pretty much anything goes when it comes to decorating a tree. Sure, I love the traditional (and my main tree is decorated this way), but that doesn’t mean I have to be limited to ball ornaments and green trees. When shopping at At Home the other day I picked up a hot pink tree you saw yesterday, but I also picked up a light turquoise tree that is just the perfect size for my office. If you remember, my office is painted a pretty seafoam/turquoise color and I have an entire wall of inspirational and colorful art, and a regular old tree wouldn’t work in here, but this little guy was just perfect. And regular old ornaments just wouldn’t suffice, so I decided to deck the tree with colorful tassels. They work perfectly and go great with my inspirational art wall. For a little company I threw in a tiny gold tinsel tree with a few tissue paper tassels and viola, my office was decorated for the holidays.

The faux suede tassels were by far the easiest DIY ornaments ever. All you need is
to add a hook and hang them. I purchased my tassels from Etsy here. They are so colorful and look perfect in my tree.

For the tissue paper tassels. I simply cut strips of tissue paper about 12″ wide and 20″ long. I folded them over width wise and fringe cut them from the open side up leaving about an 1″ at the top by the fold. Then simply unfold and gather in the center and twist to created a twisted middle with fringe ends on each side. Then create a loop in the center and staple the two pieces together at the bottom of the loop. Either add a hook or use the loop to hang them on the tree like I did.

Can you just imagine how fun a whole large tree covered with these tissue paper tassels and tissue paper fringe ornaments from yesterday would look?! Definite party tree!

See how cute they are here next to my inspirational art wall? Oh, and if you are as in love with my new abstract art piece there on the right. It is from Minted and totally awesome!

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