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I hope you all had a good post Thanksgiving weekend. Did you end up putting up your tree this weekend? My 3 trees are already up and decorated, but of course I have to be ahead of the game with that sort of thing. Otherwise how can I create all these new holiday decorating and craft ideas for you? Today I am going to share how to DIY your own mixed metal geometric ornaments two ways. These specific ornaments are on one of my trees and I will be sharing the full reveal of that tree tomorrow. I can’t wait to show you what I did! But for today lets talk gold, silver, and bronze geometric ornaments.

As I mentioned, I used two different methods to create my mixed metal geometric ornaments. The first way was actually what inspired my entire tree. I found these geometric mixed metal colored light cord decorations at Ikea and fell in love. They were so pretty and I knew that I would easily be able to modify these to hang on my tree. These baubles are supposed to be threaded onto a pendant light cord to beautify it, but I like them hanging on my tree much better!

To transform them into ornaments,
I simply slid open the gems (they slide open so that you can put them around the light cord) and placed a doubled over and twisted (with a loop on top) black pipe cleaner into the center where the wire would go and then closed the gem on up. Inside the gem are little barbs that help hold the pipe cleaner in place. Just make sure that your pipe cleaner is doubled over enough that it doesn’t stick out of the bottom. Only the loop of the pipe cleaner should stick out the top. Then I just used the loop of pipe cleaner to hang them on the tree.


The second method was as simple as spray painting an assortment of geometric ornaments that I picked up at At Home stores. I found these 8 packs of various geometric shaped ornaments for only $2.99 each. I purchased 3 packs and kept one gold while I spray painted the other two packs silver and copper.

Both types of ornaments where super simple to modify to create my mixed metal geometric ornament look, and as you can see from this sneak peek, they look pretty amazing up in the tree. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the full reveal and details on my mixed metals Christmas tree.

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  1. This is just the cutest! I envy your skills with decorating.



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