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Gingerbread men cookies are one of my favorite cookies to make every holiday season. My whole family loves to decorate the cookies in different outfits and styles. This year I tried my hand at a different and much easier icing technique. Instead of spending hours hunched over a tray of cookies piping all the little details, I dip dyed the men in bowls of icing for a color blocked look. The process was quick and the results were adorable!

While they may look complicated, they were very easy to make and I love the colorful modern look of them. To ice your own cookies in a similar style, you will want to make a batch of royal icing according to my favorite recipe from Alton Brown. Separate the icing into different bowls and color into your desired color palate with food coloring. I went with my go to 2015 Christmas colors of red, pink, mint, and turquoise (did you see my holiday decor in this color palate?). Most of these colors were straight from the bottle, but for the mint color I used a combo of lime green and turquoise to get the perfect mint green color.

Then it was just a matter of dipping a portion of the gingerbread men into the different icing colors. No piping bags, no icing tips, just dip and lay on a piece of parchment to dry.

As an optional little extra, I went in with a food safe paint brush and a mixture of edible gold luster dust (I got mine at the local baking supply store) mixed with triple sec and painted a line were the icing and gingerbread men met after the icing was dry. If you want to go above an beyond, feel free to decorate the icing a bit more with the edible gold paint. Add polka dots, lines, or even just a few brush strokes for an even more modern look.

And just look how cute they look packaged with the ornament macarons I made last week in the same colors.
And since you already made the icing, why not make a few sugar cookie mittens to go with them. I am sure everyone would love to receive these adorable little cookies. I know I would!

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