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I know that I usually don’t post on the weekends, but I just made the most adorable little breakfast for the kids this morning and had to share. My kids have an elf (his name is Bingo) and they love to wake up each morning to see what mischief he has been up to. Since we were not in a rush this morning, I decided to make a special little breakfast for the kids with their elf in mind. Elf pancakes and holiday milk. They loved it and I am sure that your kids or nieces and nephews will love it too!

For the elf pancakes, I first
mixed a bit of regular pancake batter with red food coloring and then put it in a squeeze bottle. Then I made the round face out of the regular batter and used the squeeze bottle to pipe the hat on the pan attached to the face portion of the pancake. I made sure to cook the pancake on low and mostly on one side until the pancake looked almost completely cooked on the top. Then I flipped it over and let it cook for another 20 sec. I then plated it with the less cooked side facing up. Cooking the pancake this way helps retain the color of the batter in the final pancake and  makes it so that you don’t end up with an entirely brown pancake.

Then it was just a matter of using a little blue and pink powdered sugar icing, some Nutella (for the hair), a few chocolate chips, and half a marshmallow to complete the look.

As for the milk, I just put regular milk (and coconut milk for my daughter) in a champagne flute, topped it with whipped cream, a drizzle of butterscotch syrup, and a few multi colored jimmies.

The kids love the holiday milk and they love drinking out of these “special” glasses even more than the whipped cream and syrup. It’s the little things.

Have any fun Holiday breakfasts planned for your family this year? If you are looking for more ideas for Christmas themed breakfasts, may I suggest the following:

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