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I love pretty presents all wrapped up sitting under a tree, but sometimes I need help when it comes to making a wrapped gift look its best. I searched the web for a few fun new ideas to try this holiday season and tried my hand at a few new techniques. I hope you will be as inspired as me to try a few of these out.

First up are the presents that I wrapped. I went with a color scheme of pink, black, copper, gold, and mint and used hand cut vinyl, tissue paper, and a bit of old tinsel garland for the accents.

 Lets start with the little polka dot package. For this package I used a 1/2″ hole punch to punch out pieces of multi colored tissue paper. I then spread out the pieces of tissue paper on the table and pressed a piece of packing tape gently against the tissue paper confetti so that it would adhere to the tape. Then it was just a matter of sticking the tape on the package where I wanted.

As I mentioned, I used gold matte vinyl that I had cut into strips and triangles to accent the plain paper wrapped packages. Such as the stripes on this pink package below. I also used a few of the gold vinyl triangles as tape to secure the sides of the packages and to add one of my tissue paper fringe ornaments to the front of a gift box.

If you have a vinyl cutter (like a Cricut or Silhouette) you can find a fancy font and cut out Merry Christmas (or other phrase of your choice) to stick to your gift.

Lastly I used an old gold tinsel garland to make a pom pom for the top of one of my gifts as well as used a bit of the cut off tinsel fringe and a glue stick to add a sparkly monogrammed letter to another gift.

Now for some inspiration from other talented bloggers. First up is this awesome pink reindeer from Studio DIY. A simple mini honeycomb ball nose and a pair of antlers cut out of card stock is all you need to turn your gift from a plain box into a cute little reindeer.

Next I loved the idea from Design Love Fest of using two coordinating papers one to wrap the gift and one to create a shaped accent around the center of the gift. Simple because it uses just wrapping paper, but gives a nice layering and pattern.

Another easy way to spice up your plain old wrapped gift is to use tissue paper like Tell, Love, and Party to add stripes, fringe, or a scrunched up topper.

One final idea is to glue pom poms on to your wrapped gift to either accent the existing paper pattern or to make your own such as this one from The Proper Blog.

Or this one from I Spy DIY.

As you can see, most of these ideas don’t require more than wrapping paper and a few little extras that you may already have around your house like card stock, pom poms, and tissue paper. As long as you stick to a few of the same colors, the gifts will coordinate and look like a professional did all your wrapping this year!

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