Craft It – Gold and Pink Arrow Napkin Rings

One of my New Years Resolutions was to begin to create a grown-up dining and entertaining space. My husband and I never registered for china or other traditional home gifts when we got married, so now we pretty much just use plain white Ikea dishes for everything (I think we even have some of our old college plates in the mix!). Now that I we are in our 30’s, I feel that we need to class up our dinner party gear. So I have decided to slowly grow our collection of nice serve-ware, dishes, flatware, etc.

On that mission, I recently added cloth napkins to our collection. I found some amazing prices on a few solid colored ones at World Market a few weeks ago. Since they are so affordable, I was able to get several colors to coordinate to different holidays! And of course I ended up picking up a few dark pink ones for Valentine’s day. Now that I had my pink cloth napkins, I needed to create a few napkin rings on theme and I would have a nice little place setting all ready for the big love day.

Gold and Pink Arrow Napkin Rings for Valentine's Day

I ended up creating these awesome gold and pink arrow napkin rings, and I am so thrilled with how they turned out! The best part? I had all the supplies on hand! Follow along below to see how to make a few of these adorable little arrows for yourself.

The Supplies:

  • Gold Felt ( I purchased mine off Etsy) or Gold Strapping (which can be found at Joann Fabrics in the Trim section)
  • Pink felt
  • Thin brass tubing (can be found at the craft store around the model making supplies)
  • Hot glue gun

Begin by cutting the shapes you need for your arrow. You will need one long rectangle piece of gold felt or strapping, two triangles for the head of the arrow, one chevron shaped piece for the tail (be sure to add the little slits on each side for an arrow tail look), and a little pentagon shaped piece for the back of the tail. You will also need a 6″ piece of the brass tubing which I cut to size using a pair of wire cutters.

Once you have your pieces cut out, poke a small hole in each short side of the gold felt or strapping. I used a small 1/8″ hole punch, but you could also just use an X-acto knife to cut a little slit. Thread your brass tubing through the hole/slit and glue the pink felt pieces to the tail and head of the arrow accordingly.

That’s it! Now fold your napkin and thread through the loop created between the gold felt and the brass tubing and it will look like the little arrow is piercing right through your napkin.

Gold and Pink Arrow Napking Rings for Valentine's Day

Gold and Pink Arrow Napking Rings for Valentine's Day

I love how easy it was to make these arrow napkin rings and how they make the table setting look so fancy. I have a feeling that now that I have a proper set of cloth napkins I will be making napkin rings for all occasions!

Gold and Pink Arrow Napking Rings for Valentine's Day

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