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I hope you all are ready for a ton of spring craftiness! I have been creating non-stop and I am so excited about all the projects I have lined up for the next few weeks. Lets just say that there will be lots of color, and flowers, and gold accented things coming your way. To start off all the spring and Easter gorgeousness, I am sharing a super simple macrame air plant hanger using plastic Easter eggs! That’s right, plastic Easter eggs can be used for more than just holding candy. They can be transformed into stylish plant holders too.


This was my first attempt at doing macrame, and while I started out with a simple tube knot, it was surprisingly simple. So I would definitely suggest giving this craft a go even if you are intimidated by macrame like I was. Follow along below for the full tutorial.

The Supplies:

Begin by choosing three colors of cording for your macrame hanger. You are also more than welcome to buy several packs of cording so that you have all the same color for your hanger, but you know how I like to mix colors!

Lay your three pieces of cording out together and then fold in half and create a loop knot at the top. This is the loop that you will use to hang your macrame planter when you are done.

Now go down 2″ from the top knot and knot the two matching colors together. Yellow to yellow, blue to blue, pink to pink. You will then have something a little like this:

Now move down another 1-2″ from the last knots you made and knot together the colors that are next to each other. One yellow to one pink, one pink to one blue, one blue to one yellow. Then repeat by moving down another 1″ and knotting the same colors back together. You will then have some thing that looks like this:

Now use a small piece of one of your other colors to tie a knot about 1″ from the bottom of the last set of knots.

Cut all the ends of the tie and the pieces of leftover cording hanging down. Insert the bottom piece of your plastic Easter egg into the bottom portion of the hanger just above that last knot you tied. Then place your air plant in the egg bottom. Since my air plant and the plastic egg were so light, I added a few metal washers inside the egg bottom to give the planter a little weight and help pull the suede cording taught.

For the smaller planter I just played around with the cording and knotting technique to create a different design. Starting the same way with a knot at the top of two pieces of cording, knot a separate piece of cording the diameter of the egg bottom around all the suede strands. Then insert your egg bottom and tie a knot at the bottom of the egg planter and cut off the extra suede.

I love these new mini macrame air plant hangers and they are the perfect addition to my colorful office. The best part is that each of these planters will cost you less than $2 plus the cost of the air plant (which I got for around $3).

What do you think? Tempted to try macrame now that you see how easy it is? Share your projects on social media using the tag #mykailochic. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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  1. Unknown

    March 1st, 2016 at 11:21 am

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