DIY It – A Red, White, and Blue Summer Wreath

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Summer is here! Well, maybe not officially, but the kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and I had my first dip in the pool yesterday, so it’s here in my book. That means it’s time to pull out the red, white, and blue decor! This summer, I’m partnering with Skittles and using their new, limited edition America Mix to create the perfect American summer wreath to bring a touch of sweetness to my front door.

After trying out some other shapes and patterns, I loved the simplicity and boldness of these colored rings the best. Follow along as I show you how to create your own sweet summer wreath.
The Supplies:

  • Skittles America Mix
  • 12″ foam wreath form 
  • 3 yards of 2.5″ Gold faux leather trim 
  • Hot Glue
  • Red faux flowers and succulents

Begin by ordering your limited edition Skittles America Mix from Amazon Prime. Since I have prime shipping (an online shopper’s best friend), I was able to get them in a snap! The 41 ounce bags are the perfect size to make your wreath and have a snack while crafting! (Warning: it’s nearly impossible to complete this craft without eating some).

Once you have your supplies, begin by hot gluing the gold trim around the inside and outside edge of your wreath form. Pour out your skittles and separate them into the 5 colors in each bag (light red, dark red, light blue, dark blue, and white). Starting with the color of your choice, begin adding a small line of glue to the top of your wreath form and gluing on the Skittles in rings working your way to the inside.

It may look time consuming, but I was able to finish gluing the Skittles on the wreath in about an hour. You can multi-task while watching some tv or a movie!

Once your Skittles are all glued on, use a few floral pins (or more hot glue) to attach some red flowers and succulents to the bottom corner of the wreath. Then, hot glue a 25″ long piece of gold faux leather trim in a loop around the wreath to use to hang your wreath on your front door.

The hard part will be walking past it without pinching off a snack.  But that’s what the left over Skittles are for! How do you celebrate summer in your house? Are you a red, white, and blue summer decor fan like me?
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  1. kelly denton

    June 7th, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Wow! This looks so chic. Loving the gold leather trim and the red succulents. #client



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