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I’ll admit it. Pop-Tarts were one of my favorite guilty pleasures when I was younger. And still are turthfully. There was just something about them that was so addicting. I know I am not the only adult who still likes this childhood treat, so I decided to make the treats a little more adult friendly with the addition of hand painted cacti. These cacti pop-tarts are going to take your brunch game to a whole new level!

The process is easier than you may think and they can be made in advance and stored in a zip top bag. You will need plain white iced pop-tarts (the ones I used are an organic strawberry one I found at the grocery store), food coloring, and a food safe paintbrush (once that you haven’t used for paint). If you can’t find plain white iced ones, buy the un-iced pop tarts and ice them yourself with a little powdered sugar icing.

All that is left is to mix the food coloring with a tiny bit of water and begin painting your cacti. Once painted, let the food coloring dry, then either eat or store in a zip top bag until your party.

The only thing I have left to ask is, ‘Do you eat your pop-tarts toasted or un-toasted?’.

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