Craft It – A Holographic Typography Pencil Cup

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I will be the first to admit that this craft falls under the “it’s so easy I’m not sure it even qualifies as a craft category”. But sometimes it takes someone saying “hey, put those two things together like this because then you will have something even better”. I like to think I can be that someone for you! Your crafty guide as you will.

This holographic typography pencil cup is the result of many an hour spent digging through the Target dollar spot. I am pretty sure that I could accessorize my house every season with things solely  from the dollar spot. And if you have no idea what the Target dollar spot is, then I don’t think we can be friends. But seriously if you are in the US and can get to a Target. Run. Now. SO MANY GOOD THINGS! Anyway, I digress. Upon one of my recent trips, I found the cutest purple bottomed acrylic pencil cup and a set of holographic letter stickers. Then after brainstorming a few phrases for the new year, this holographic typography cup was created.

It’s difficult to see the holographic rainbow in the photos, but trust me, the combo of the holograph and acrylic is just perfect. This craft is literally as easy as putting stickers on the cup, but in case you get stuck on the perfect phrase to choose, here are a few suggestions:

Stay Golden
Pink Skies Up Ahead
You’re Killing It
Internet Famous
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Good Vibes Only

This year is the year of me pushing a few of my long carried and never executed dreams career wise, so I went with “Don’t look back” which I thought was also perfect for the beginning of this new year. The past is past, so lets look to the future.

Once you have your perfect phrase, just take your stickers and craft away. I used a ruler to help me keep everything nice and straight, but other than that it was as straight forward as you think.

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So, who’s ready for 2017?!

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