DIY It – Holographic Photo Frames

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I have been thoroughly enjoying the holographic material resurgence. But while you likely won’t catch me wearing a holographic skirt any time soon, I have been sprinkling it around my house a bit. Today’s super simple holographic photo frame DIY is the latest in my holographic home decor additions. These frames are super simple to create thanks to a secret craft supply!

Now, I will say that it was difficult to photograph this frame in all it iridescent glory, but trust me when I say it is extremely pretty. The color changes from pink to white to a yellowish green depending on the shadows and light. It is such a quick and temporary way to get in on the trend while not having to invest a ton of $ or time!

The Supplies:

 Begin by measuring your photo frame edges and cut the vinyl material using the ruler and X-acto knife into strips this size. Remove the plastic baking and adhere to the frame edge. That’s it! Seriously easy! And like I said, the film stays on until you are over the trend, then you can just easily peel it away with no damage to your frame.

What are your thoughts on the holographic trend? Love it? Or not?

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  1. Susan

    March 28th, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    I didn't know it was a trend, but I like it. And I really like that film you are featuring – I've been brainstorming a craft idea that needs a shiny colorful center, and this might be my missing piece. Thanks for highlighting it!



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