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Tomorrow I am headed out to Salt Lake City for SNAP conference and I have been scrambling to get all my projects done and orders made and sent out before heading off way too early in the morning. But I am so excited to get to see all the other creative bloggers again this year and learn tons of new blog biz stuff! On Friday night there is even going to be a Unicorn party! So in honor of the unicorn and all it’s sparkle-tastic glory, I made what I am going to lovingly refer to as unicorn soap. My husband didn’t quite get why I called them unicorn soap, but they just remind me of all things sparkly and unicorn, so I went with it. But I guess they also kind of resemble the cosmos, so you can call them galaxy soap if you prefer!

See how colorful and star studded they turned out?!

The Supplies:

Begin by cutting up around 1 cup of your clear soap into 1″ cubes. Then melt them in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and then heat again until just melted.

Pour a thin layer of clear soap into your mold and spray with the alcohol. Then drop in your star sprinkles, little gold star flakes, and even a few pieces of chopped up colored soap sprinkles (basically just colored soap that you cut into small little pieces, optional).

While the clear layer is cooling, melt more clear soap and add your pink colorant to it. You still want it to be transparent, but with a bright pink tint.

When the clear layer is hard, tilt the mold slightly using a think notebook. Then spray the soap with alcohol and spoon on the melted pink soap onto just one side of each bar of soap.

Let the pink soap cool. Then melt more clear soap and add the blue colorant. Remove the notebook so that the mold is flat again and spray the soap with alcohol. Pour in your blue soap on the other half of the soap bars so that it just comes to about 2/3 of the way across the mold.

Once the blue soap has hardened. Melt your white soap (add any fragrance you like into the melted soap), spray the soap in the mold with the alcohol and pour in your white soap. Let the white soap cool and then your unicorn soap bars are ready to un-mold. 

Now it’s time to go bathe yourself in unicorn magic!

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