DIY It – A Palm Springs Inspired Desk Organizer

Okay. I have to warn you. I am SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with today’s DIY. Like, I just want to sit and stare and the cuteness that is this Palm Springs inspired desk organizer. You already know that I love mini things (doll house furniture is my secret obsession), but when you turn modern architecture into mini form and make it functional? Dying.


OBSESSED! Right?! Those mini breeze blocks are everything and that pink door? OMG! Follow along to see how to make your own!


  • Mini Breeze Blocks (to replicate this look you will need three sets of 12)
  • White Spray Paint
  • Thin Piece of Craft Wood 3″ wide (Balsa wood works fine)
  • Desk Organizer (I found this one at Target)
  • Faux mini succulents
  • Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • Pink Paint
  • Utility Knife
  • Paint Brush
  • 1″ piece of low gauge brass wire for the door handle

Begin by spray painting the breeze blocks white to get that classic MCM Palm Springs look. Then use the industrial strength adhesive to glue the blocks together in two 3 by 5 piece groupings.

Next, use the utility knife to cut the craft wood into one 3″ by 5″ piece and fifteen 3/4″ pieces. Then paint them all pink. Once the paint is dry, use the industrial strength adhesive to glue the squares to the wood door. Then glue on the brass wire door handle.

Once all your pieces are ready, use the glue to attach the three pieces to the desk organizer.

For the front of the house you can glue two breeze blocks in a stack and glue in a faux succulent to mimic the agave you see everywhere in Palm Springs. You can also glue these to the front of the breeze blocks if you wish to make it all one unit, or leave them unattached and just sitting in front of your new Palm Springs inspired desk organizer.

Are you still there? Or did you keel over at the sheer and utter cuteness?! If you are still there, take a peek at the quick video I put together of the whole process. And don’t forget to make your own mini swan desk organizer and cactus candle holder to complete your Palm Springs desk!

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  1. Saw on Instagram. LOVE those bricks, just SO CUTE!!!

  2. Natashalh says:

    Those mini blocks are so much fun!! I can't believe all the tiny blocks they have on that site – I have to get some!

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  6. R says:

    Hi, was wondering where that lamp is from?

  7. Beatrice Lee says:

    I just LOVE these amazing ideas!! i’m ready to try all of them! Thanks!!



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