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Are you as enamored with prints and patterns as I am? I love browsing through stores just staring at all the pretty surface designs. After spying a few super cute patterned paper plates and file folders at Target recently on one of my browsing sessions, I decided to buy a few random patterned items to turn into a little DIY wall art. A hour or so later and I had the simplest DIY patterned wall art to give me tons of patternly inspiration.

Can you believe these all came from either paper plates or file folders from Target?

The Supplies:
  • Large paper plates, file folders, and notebook covers (basically anything with a pretty pattern that is on a stiff cardstock type material)
  • Embroidery hoops in various sizes
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Double stick wall mounting tape

 Begin by tracing your embroidery hoops onto your patterned pieces. Then cut out the circles.

Next, use the hot glue (or you can use regular glue as well) and glue the paper to the underside of the wood hoop.

The final step is to add a piece of wall mounting tape to the back of the “framed” art and hang it on the wall in an interesting pattern.

Now that was seriously easy! I am loving the look of all the patterns mixed together, and yet they all are cohesive because of a similar color scheme and the fact that all the frames are round.

Have you seen any super cool paper plates lately? Well, why not cut up a few and make your own super colorful wall art too?!

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