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I am officially back from the Atlanta gift show and our mini road trip vacation and am about to dive headfirst into crafting and making again. But while I get caught up from being gone for two weeks, I have a few projects to share with you that I originally crafted for the Consumer Crafts blog. So bear with me as I play catch up and enjoy these few new crafts and ideas. First up is this simple photo booth backdrop using plastic tablecloths. I have to admit, I love a good photo booth backdrop! It may be the photographer in me, but having a pretty space to take photos at a party is just so fun. And there is no need to go overboard when creating one for your guests. All you need are a few plastic table cloths to create the perfect super simple table cloth DIY party backdrop!


If you are going to create a large backdrop wall, you may want to use the table cloth rolls, but if it’s just a small wall, you can get away with using the individual cloths.
Begin by measuring the diagonal of the wall you are going to create your backdrop on. You will want to make sure your backdrop goes from the floor to the ceiling. Once measured, cut your rolls of table cloth to this measurement. Then bunch up one end of each strip and secure it together with duct tape in your choice of color or with packing tape. Repeat on the other side and then use the thumb tacks to secure the strips to the wall in a diagonal pattern.

Once you have finished adding all the table cloths to create your backdrop, tape over the top and the bottom with a long strip of tape to hide the ends. Now your table cloth DIY backdrop is party ready!

You can even take it one step further and weave in a few more table cloths for a fun woven look!

That was pretty simple wasn’t it?! And I love that these plastic table cloths are so inexpensive. It really makes decorating for a party super quick and affordable. I can’t wait to see your own version of this super simple table cloth DIY party backdrop!

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  1. Ursula Rosien

    July 26th, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    What a GREAT idea! I LOVE this, pinned! I could see this backdrop for a temporary room update like my daughter's bedroom 😉

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