DIY It – An “Instagram Worthy” Balloon Garland Costume

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When thinking of costume ideas for this Halloween, I found it fairly difficult to come up with a new idea that had not been done before. But then, as I was racking my brain for pop culture standouts from this year, it hit me. I would make a costume to play off some of the my “Instagram worthy” moments of 2017! So get ready for my series of costumes to play off this concept. Most are fairly easy to make and are so Instagram worthy!

I’m not sure if there was anything as popular as the Geronimo Balloons balloon garland/wall bomb/balloon installation this year. And there sure were plenty of unique takes on it as well. So why not be the life of the Halloween party and dress up as one of those Insta famous balloon garlands yourself?! Hahaha!

This costume is pretty simple, as all you need is a blank slate outfit and then a couple packs of small 5″ balloons. Follow along as I show you how to make your own Insta worthy balloon garland costume.


  • 5″ latex balloons in the colors of your choice
  • Balloon pump (either manual or electric) it will make inflating these tiny balloons so much easier
  • Cool glue gun
  • Bobby pin for the hair piece
Begin by blowing up your balloons. You will want to tie off the first balloon and then tie 4 more balloons directly onto the first balloons tail to create a cluster. 
Then use the cool glue gun to attach the clusters to each other to form a long strand of balloons. Once you have your strand and it is long enough to wrap around your body and over your neck like a long feather boa or scarf, start to build out the bottom portion of the arch by adding a few larger balloons or just glueing in more small balloons. Once your balloon garland is complete, make one more small cluster of balloons and glue a bobby pin to the underside of one balloon to make the hair piece.
Then all that you need is to take your balloons with you to any party and wrap them around you to create your costume.
If you want, you can also attache the balloon garland tail that goes around your neck to the middle of arch to create a neck hole that way you can be more hands free. I however liked being able to move my balloons around and make different looks. 
So, what do you think? Instagram worthy enough?

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