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Even if you have never heard of Memphis design, I can guarantee you have likely seen it. Named after the Memphis design group from the early 80’s, this design style is usually represented by pops of bright color paired with basic geometric shapes and black and white geometric patterns. It’s “Saved by the Bell” meets “Pee-wee’s playhouse” and while that may not seem like something you would want on a pumpkin, when modernized, it turns into something amazing!

See?! Definitely bringing all those 80’s vibes. And while there may be some that don’t like the look, I am obsessed. Something about the combo of simple black and white patterns mixed with the color pops is giving me all the heart eyes. And because of the simplicity, they really are a snap to paint. 


  • Acrylic Craft Paint (in several bright colors plus black and white)
  • Ceramic or faux pumpkins (these are all from the Target dollar spot)
  • Paint brush

Begin by painting a few pumpkins solid colors, on others add a simple geometric shape like a circle or a triangle, and on others color block them using a piece of wash tape or masking tape to mark off a portion of the pumpkin.

Once the colored paint is dry, come back with the black and white and add on a few simple geometric patterns like swirls, dots, grids, and stripes.

Seriously easy! And for an even more modern touch, add a bit of gold paint to the stems. Once the paint is dry, your pumpkins are ready to display.

So, what do you think? All for the Memphis design style, or would you rather stick to your traditional pumpkins?

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