DIY It – A Plants On Pink Costume

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It’s funny how in the age of Instagram there are some very noticeable photo trends. And I must admit that I am guilty of indulging in a few. I mean just how many hands holding an ice cream cone do we need to see on a daily basis? (insert winking emoji here!) But one trend that I likely won’t tire of soon is the whole #plantsonpink thing. There is just something so pretty about tropical plants and cacti up against coralish pink walls. So to celebrate this unlikely color combo and the trend that is #plantsonpink, I made the simplest costume yet.

It’s funny because I almost feel like it looks like a prom dress, and honestly, I would probably wear this around town on a non-halloween day too!

  • 5 wired faux banana leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Safety pin
  • Pink or coral dress (I found this one at Target)
The process is really pretty simple. Just hot glue three of the leaves together at one end, then hot glue the other two leaves together end to end and glue these to the end of the three leaves as show above. You are basically creating a leaf belt/cummerbund. To wear, just put on your pink dress and wrap the leaves around your waist and use the safety pin to close up the open end. Then use the wire in the leaves to form the cummerbund around your body. 

I told you it was simple! And don’t you agree it looks like a prom dress?! Who else is all about that #plantsonpink trend?

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