DIY It – A Reindeer Throw Pillow!

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It may come as no surprise that I love pillows! This is especially evident after the launch of my newest pillow collection. But since the holidays are approaching, I decided I needed to add a few holiday themed pillows to my decor (because one can never have too many pillows!). This DIY reindeer pillow was not only a snap to make, but it has the cutest pink pom pom nose and looks super cute mixed in with my colorful holiday decor.



Isn’t he just the cutest?! And so easy to make since I used a round faux fur pillow as the base. All I had to do was add the antlers and nose! So follow along to make your own.


Begin by making your pom pom nose. Wrap the yarn around each side of the pom pom maker and then cut and knot a piece around the middle. Remove your pom pom from the maker and use the needle and thread to sew the pom pom to the center of the pillow. 

For the felt antlers, fold a piece of 8″ by 10″ felt in half and cut out an antler shape as shown above.  Repeat with the second piece of felt. If you have a sewing machine, sew two of the antlers together leaving a gap at the bottom. If you don’t have a sewing machine, use a glue gun to glue the edges together.

Once sewn or glued, stuff the fiberfill into the antlers to give them some stiffness and help them stand up on their own.

The last step is to stitch them onto the top of the pillow using the needle and thread. You may need to add a few long stitches from the antlers to about a 1/2 inch away from the antler in the front to secure the antlers and keep them standing up. Think of this stitch as the wire supports you see on a suspension bridge.

Once your antlers are on, your pillow is ready to adorn your couch, favorite chair, or pom pom covered basket.


I love how easy this DIY reindeer pillow was to make and it really helped that I started with a pre-made pillow. If you are an expert DIYer and want to undertake the pillow making portion too, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Just cut two round circles from a piece of faux fur and sew together leaving a 4″ gap, then stuff with fiberfill and sew the opening closed.

However you choose to make your own reindeer throw pillow, I am sure it will be just as cute because how can you go wrong with a pom pom nose?!

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