DIY It – Thanksgiving Themed Drink Stirrers

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If you saw my post yesterday, I showed how you can easily make letter board flair using polymer clay. Once I made the little clay pie and turkey, I had one more idea of how to utilize them. Drink stirrers for your Thanksgiving bar setup! And now that I’m thinking about it, they would be super cute glued to a napkin ring too. So why not just make up a whole batch of pies, turkeys, and corn on the cob and glue them to everything! Ha! But seriously just look how cute they are along with my easy blendo pumpkins and cute letter board! Its the perfect colorful Thanksgiving bar set up.


You start out using the same process as yesterday but using your clay to make little Thanksgiving foods. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and of course pie. Channel your inner kid and have fun with it.

Once your food is made, press the straight end of the drink stirrers into the clay to make a hole. Then remove the stirrer and place the clay on your baking sheet. Bake at 275F for 15-20 minutes as according to your clay package. Let cool then add a bit of hot glue to the tip of your drink stirrer and press it into the hole in your clay pieces. Let the glue cool and they are ready to adorn your glass.

Super cute and super simple. Now who’s ready to get basted?! Ha! xoxo. Kara

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