DIY Felt Emoji Pouches

Have I told you lately how much I love felt? It is such an easy material to work with. You can sew it or glue it and there is no need for hemming! And it is just perfect for so many crafts, like these DIY felt emoji pouches or these felt sunglass cases. These cuties make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Just stuff with candy, toys, or little sussies! Plus they are a so quick that you can easily churn out 20 or so for your kids classmates.

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches-3

Materials to make your own DIY felt emoji pouches:

Felt sheets
Hot glue

Yep! Just 3 things!

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches

Begin by cutting your base shape. Since this is a pouch, you will need two pieces of the base shape for each pouch. For example, for the heart, I need two pink hearts.

Next, cut your embellishment shapes like the diamonds, cactus flower, heart pepperoni, etc…

Then just glue around the edges of one of the base shapes (leaving a 4″ opening) and attach it to the other base shape. The final step is to hot glue on the embellishments.

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches

You can make these felt emoji pouches in any emoji shape (faces, food, etc…) so they can be as simple as these hearts or as complex as a burger. It’s totally up to you!

DIY Felt Emoji Pouches-3

Once you have all your pouches made, fill them with packs of candy, toys, temporary tattoos, gifts, you name it.

I am pretty sure these could also do double duty as mini wallets and clutches too! Just be sure to use stiff felt if you want to turn your pouch into a useable bag so that it has a bit of structure. Then glue on a ribbon tie close or glue on a small piece of velcro to the inside so that all your belongings don’t fall out!

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