DIY Giant Tassel Chair Swag

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Anyone else obsessed with the new Target Opalhouse collection? No, this isn’t an ad or sponsored post. I am just genuinely obsessed. You might think it is a little boho for my tastes. But I can find beauty in all the things as long as they are well designed! So naturally I snapped up a few pieces on my last trip there and I finally got my hands on a pretty rattan chair! Woohoo! Although I tought it needed a little colorful touch, so I created DIY giant tassel chair swag to add to the chair. And OMG it is gorgeous now!

DIY Giant Tassel Chair Swag

DIY Giant Tassel Chair Swag

See how pretty these giant tassels and pom pom garlands are on the chair?! And honestly, they are pretty quick to make, you just need 6-7 skeins of yarn.


-6-7 different colored skeins of yarn (the thicker the better)
-Medium and Large pom pom maker (optional for the pom pom garland)

Don’t kill me, but I totally forgot to take process shots for this DIY! Oops! However, I will try to walk you through it the best I can.

Begin with one skein of yarn and wrap it around your arm between your palm and around yoru elbow. Like you would do to wind up an extention cord. Keep wrapping until you have about 30 wraps around your arm. Then carefully remove the yarn from your arm and keep it in the large loop shape. Thread a piece of 12″ yarn through the center of the loop at the top and tie around the yarn loop. Then cut another piece of 12″ yarn and wrap it around the entire loop of yarn to bundle it up. Then simply cut off the bottom to level it up.

In case I have fully confused you, here is a step by step tutorial that you can follow. Just sub your forearm for the cardboard.

Once you have all your tassels made, just tie them on to your chair and cut off the extra yarn and trim them to leve them up a bit or even trim them so that they evenly flow together at the bottoms.

For the pom pom garland, I just made medium and large pom poms and used the tie strings from the pom poms to tie them to each other to create a garland. This then got tied to the chair too!

DIY Giant Tassel Chair Swag

Now don’t you think that all rattan chairs need DIY giant tassel chair swag?

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