DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter

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Now that Easter is over, and there are no big holidays on the horizon (unless you count Cinco de Mayo or Memorial Day, but who really decorates for those?), I find myself lost in all the possible DIY projects I can create. First up is one that I have been wanting to try forever, but haven’t gotten around to doing. Until now! It’s a simple DIY rainbow pom pom planter!

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

I have seen pom pom planters done before, but I wanted to try one that was completely covered with poms, and I went the easy route with this one and used felt balls in a rainbow of colors. So really this process is as easy as gluing felt balls onto a planter, but it turned out so cute! Of course you could switch out the colors and do an ombre effect, or just do all one color. Even an alternating black and white pattern would be cute.

Materials for a DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter:

-1″ felt balls (I buy mine off etsy from Gracie and Marie but you can also get some on Amazon)
-Cylindrical planter (this one is from Joann stores)
-Hot glue or an industrial strength adhesive like E6000

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

So the process is as straight forward as it looks. Just glue the felt balls onto the planter in rows of color. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top because I wanted the felt balls to line up flush with the bottom of the planter and didn’t mind the overlap at the top. Once all your felt balls are glued on, fill the platner with dirt, a few white rocks and all your pretty plants!

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Planter-6

I love the way it turned out! Depending on the size of your planter, you may need anywhere from 100-150 felt balls. This planter was appx. 8″ in diameter and about 5″ tall, and I needed around 120 felt balls.

Now tell me, is this DIY rainbow pom pom planter going a little too far with the whole pom pom craze, or is it just right?

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