DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

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Thanksgiving crafts are always such a difficult thing for me. I never seem to really decorate for Thanksgiving other than setting the table and maybe a centerpiece or runner. Thankgiving for me is usually all about family and food. But I am trying my hardest to come up with a few cute Thanksgiving/Fall themed ideas for you this year. First up was my fall leaf decanter, and today this DIY felted mini pumpkin garland.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Materials to make a DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland:

Wool Roving in an assortment of fallish colors
Felting needle
-Felting sponge or brush
-Baker’s twine
-Embroidery needle

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Begin by rolling your main color wool roving into a golf ball sized round shape. Then place it on your felting sponge or brush.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Next, begin poking the ball of roving with your felting needle. I used both a multi needle tool and a single needle. The single needle works just fine for the whole process, it just takes a bit longer for the felting process.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Keep puncuring the felt with the needle until it starts to felt and come toghether into a formed pumpkin shape. Be sure to felt all around the sides of the ball as well as the top. Once you get a nice oblong pumpkin shape, take your single needle and start poking it into the felt ball in a line pattern like you see below.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Keep felting this line until it compresses and dents in the pumpkin. Then move over a bit an add more lines to make the tell tale pumpkin line shapes.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Once you have your general pumpkin shape, add a small amount of dark brown or other color felt for the stem. I didn’t have brown so I used a dark purpleish color.

You will roll this small amount of roving into a tiny ball and place it at the center of the pumpkin where the stem goes. Then use the single needle to felt it onto the pumpkin.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

Once complete, repeat with all the other colors of roving to make a slew of colorful felted pumpkins. The final step is to thread the baker’s twine onto an embroidery needle and then sew it through the tops of all your pumpkins. Tie off the ends into loops and your garland is ready to hang.

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

So cute, right?!

This DIY felted mini pumpkin garland is adorable and all, but you can also use this same technique to make pumpkin placecards for Thanksgiving. Just cut a slit into the felted pumpkin top and insert your guests names written on a piece of cardstock. Or another fun way to use these would be to glue them onto an acrylic drink stirrer with a dab of hot glue for a festive drink stirrer for your Thanksgiving cocktails!

DIY Felted Mini Pumpkin Garland

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