DIY 80’s Inspired Desk Organizer

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I am working on a little office refresh and of course I want to bring in everything that inspires me! Cue bright colors and fun 80’s patterns. This DIY 80’s inspired desk organizer plays off of the bright and poppy geometric shapes of Memphis design but adds in the usefulness of being able to sort all my business papers. Of course I again used by Glowforge laser cutter to cut the shapes, but since it is just a mix of different geometric shapes, you could easily make your own with a scroll saw or jig saw too.

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

Is that not 80’s perfection?!


  • Plywood shapes from 1/4″-1/2″ plywood (either cut your own using a glowforge, jig saw, or scroll saw, or buy some precut ones here: (circles, triangles)
  • Acrylic paint (your choice of colors plus white for the grid pattern piece)
  • Black sharpie
  • Wood glue

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

Begin by cutting or buying your shapes (for the circles I gave them a flat side so that they would sit flush against my rectangle base. You can use a miter saw to make this cut on your circles. Once you have your shapes, use acrylic craft paint to paint the shapes. For the triangle I wanted to bring in a grid pattern, so I painted the triangle white.

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

Once I had my shapes painted, I came back with a ruler and the black sharpie and drew on the black grid pattern on the white triangle piece. Then I used the wood glue to glue the wood pieces on the base (my base was the coral parallelogram). Start with the largest piece and glue it on the back edge of the base, then work your way forward using the smaller and smaller pieces as you go. You want the smallest shape to be along the front edge. Also be sure to leave a 1″ gap between all the shapes so that you can fit your papers inbetween the shapes.

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

Leave the glued pieces to dry overnight and then your organizer is ready to use!

DIY 80's Inspired Desk Organizer

I am so in love with the colors, geometric shape, and 80’s vibes going on with my DIY 80’s inspired desk organizer! I can’t wait to add it to my new revamped office space!


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