DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

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What is it about fall that makes me want to bring in all the candles? I guess they just invoke that warm and cozy feeling that I long for during fall. While these DIY ombre taper candle holders are perfect for a cozy fall vignette or table setting, they are colorful and pretty enough to use all year long! What I love about them most however is that you can use the same technique to completely change up the color scheme to match your decor. So if you love dark moody colors or earth tones, you can make these candle holders in those colors!

DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

See how modern and pretty they are with the different color balls, gold topper, and marble base? Swoon!

Materials to make your own DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders:

DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

Begin by rolling half of one clay brick into a ball shape. The balls should be appx. 1″ in diameter. Repeat with all the colors that you want for your candle holders. I wanted various heights for my candle holders, so I made one with 5 balls and one with 4 balls. So feel free to vary the number of balls of clay too!

Once you have all the balls of clay rolled out, thread them onto the popsicle stick. This will give the candle holder the support it needs and keep the balls of clay together once baked. When they balls are all lined up on the popsicle stick, press the copper end cap into the top ball to indent it a bit so that there is a flat spot to glue the end cap on once the clay is baked.

DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders
DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

Once all the balls are on the stick, place them in the oven standing upright on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 275F. Remove them from the oven once baked and let cool.

DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

Next, spray paint the copper end caps (optional) and then use the epoxy glue to attach the balls to the marble tile to give it a sturdy base, then glue on the copper end caps. When the glue is set, your new DIY ombre taper candle holders are ready to use!

DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders

I am so happy with they way they turned out and plan to make a few more of various heights to use as a centerpiece of my fall dining table.

For more taper candle holders, check out our blog archives here.

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