Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge

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By this point if you have been following along here on the blog or on social media, then you know of my obsession with my laser cutter. I have the Glowforge Plus and I love it! I swear there never seems to be a lack in the types of products and projects I can make with it. The latest in my crafting experiment, I figured out how to make an acrylic cake stand with a Glowforge!

Yes, that’s right! A cake stand that is food safe for cakes, but can also be used for plants in your living room, spices in the kitchen, or soaps and a candle in the bathroom. Just cut the file to any size you need for a perfect custom cake stand!

Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge
Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge

Isn’t she pretty?!

I used clear acyrlic to cut this cake stand and then gave it a gradient spray paint makeover on just one side of the acrylic. This gave me a pretty colorful appearance, but made sure that the top was still food safe since no paint is on that side (it just shows through from the bottom).

Materials to Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge:

  • Glowforge (this is my special referal link that gets you a massive discount)
  • Clear acrylic for a gradient look (or colorful acrylic for a solid cake stand)
  • Montana Gold acrylic spray paint
  • This cut file

It really is as simple and straight forward as uploading the cake stand design and cutting it out of acrylic.

Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge

Once cut, remove the paper protection layer from one side only. Then take your cake stand outdoors and spray paint on the uncovered side only. Use bands of color for a gradient look or bursts of color for a fun tie dye color pop effect.

Once the spray paint is dry, remove the paper backing from the other side and assmble your cake stand. If you wish you can use acrylic glue like WeldOn 3 or 4 to attach the pieces to each other so the cake stand doesn’t come apart.

Make an Acrylic Cake Stand with a Glowforge

If you are using for food, simply hand wash and dry. The paint used will hold up to handwashing and use without chipping, so the cake stand can look just as vibrant use after use.

If you have a Glowforge, what unique product have you made with it? And if you don’t have one, what would be the first project you would make if you had one?

For more projects you can make with the Glowforge, check out the blog archives here.

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