DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

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It’s a blogging miracle! I have been so swamped that it has been close to two months since I have published a new craft up in here. While I have been sharing tons of craftiness over on Instagram, I just haven’t had the chance to add any of the tutorials here. But alas, here I am with the cutest DIY tassel fringe Christmas trees ever! All you need is yarn (I used Omegacryl), hot glue, felt, and a papermache cone.

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Aren’t they fun?! And you can make them solid colors or in a colorful ombre like these! The choice is yours!

Materials to make your own DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees:

Omegacryl yarn in your choice of colors (for the multi colored trees I used less than one roll of each color, for a solid color tree, you will need 2-3 rolls)

-Papermache cones (any size works, these are 12″ and 16″ ones)

-Hot glue

-Felt sheet

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the four fingers from your hand until it is really thick (maybe around 1/3 of the roll of yarn).

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Cut the yarn off your hand on one side to create a lot of short yarn pieces and spread them out on your work surface as shown below.

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Cut a 1/4″ thick strip of felt and hot glue it down the middle of the yarn pieces. Then carefully flip the yarn pieces over and glue a second strip across the back of the yarn to secure all the pieces together.

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Next, fold the yarn in half and add hot glue to the felt strip. Then wrap this around the base of your cone tree. Repeat to fully wrap yarn around the cone. Work your way up with different colors to create your layers.

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

At the top of the tree, make a simple tassel by tying the yarn that you wrap around your hands in the middle with a piece of yarn then glue to the top tip of the cone tree.

DIY Tassel Fringe Christmas Trees

Trim the yarn as needed to even up the layers. You can also give the yarn and quick spray of hair spray and add some glitter for extra sparkle!

I am obsessed with how these DIY tassel fringe Christmas trees turned out! I can’t wait to make a few more to round out my collection. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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