Colorful and Tasty Boozy Snow Cones

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We may be well into the summer months, but things are really starting to heat up down here in Texas. August and September are hot, so we need frozen treats and cocktails to keep us cool! Cue these colorful and tasty boozy snow cones made with Master of Mixes flavored mixes. They are the perfect combo of cool and refreshing but oh so tasty! Who wouldn’t love a boozy snow cone?!

At the beginning of the summer, I invested in a shaved ice machine so that we could make our own snow cones all summer long. And let me tell you, it has gotten a workout! But my absolute favorite use is to make adult snow cones using Master of Mixes Mixers and a shot of my favorite spirit. Not to worry though if you don’t have a shaved ice machine, because I have found how you can make these without as well!

Colorful and Tasty Boozy Snow Cones

Colorful and Tasty Boozy Snow Cones with a Shaved Ice Machine

If you have access to a shaved ice machine, then the process of making these colorful and tasty boozy snow cones is a snap. Just shave some ice into cups, then use your favorite Master of Mixes Mixer as the “syrup”. I am a huge fan of using the Pina Colada Mixer or the Passion Fruit or Mango Mixer for a tropical summery taste! Oh and you can’t forget the Mai Tai Mixer!

Once you have the mixer added to the shaved ice in your cup, top it with a shot of your favorite spirit (coconut rum for the Pina Colada, Tequila for the Mango, etc…). Then you can garnish your snow cones with anything you like. Maybe some Tajin for your mango margarita snow cone, or a slice of pineapple or a little grenadine syrup for your Pina Colada. For mine I added fun colorful sprinkles, a cute spoon, and acrylic drink toppers to make them summer pool party ready!

Colorful and Tasty Boozy Snow Cones

How to make Snow Cones without a Shaved Ice Machine

Now for those of you who don’t have a shaved ice, machine, you will just want to blend crushed ice in your blender until powdery and then scoop it into a cup to use as your snow cone ice base. This may give you a chunkier chipped ice snow cone, but I guarantee it will be just as tasty!

And while we are mentioning modifications, the Master of Mixes Mixers work just as well with out the alcohol as a substitution for regular snow cone syrup!

Colorful and Tasty Boozy Snow Cones

So now that you have my secret to beating the heat, I can’t wait to hear what Master of Mixes Mixer/Spirit/Topping combo you would make!

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