DIY Cake Frosting Picture Frame

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This one’s for all of you bakers out there! Actually, pretty much anyone can do this craft with a little bit of practice. I used spackle (yep, you read that right!) to mimic the look of cake frosting and add a whimsical touch to a plain picture frame. Just add clay sprinkles and cherry pom-poms for the sweetest faux cake frosting picture frame ever!

Ready to put your piping skills to the test? Stock up on a few supplies and get to crafting. I think this project would be so fun for a crafting night for teens or adults. Check out the full DIY video!



Step 1: Select your piping tip and place it in the piping bag. Fill the piping bag with spackle. (It works best with a fresh can.)

Step 2: Mimicking cake frosting, pipe the spackle all along the picture frame.

Step 3: Sprinkle on the clay sprinkles. Press the cherry pom-poms into one of the top and one of the bottom corners.

Step 4: Let dry and display your favorite photo.

This DIY faux cake picture frame would make an adorable teacher gift!

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