DIY Rainbow Disco Valentine Box

Gang, we’ve got T-minus two days until Valentine’s Day! If you still need to make a valentine box for your kid to take to school, here’s an idea that will have you at the head of the class.

I made my own DIY rainbow disco valentine box by covering a cardboard heart-shaped box from Target with disco tiles and coloring them with alcohol inks. The result is impressive, but it’s a fairly simple process. Plus, the box doubles as beautiful Valentine’s Day decor! You can see the full DIY video here.



Step 1: If your heart box doesn’t already have a slot for cards, use a utility knife to cut one out.

Step 2: Add stick-on disco tiles to your card box. You can take a small file to soften any sharp edges if you want.

Step 3: Use a sponge (makeup sponges work great) to apply the alcohol ink in a rainbow pattern to the disco tiles. If you work quickly, you can create a blended effect with the colors. Let dry for an hour.

That’s it! You can have a beautiful card box that your kid can use year after year. This one’s a keeper.

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