DIY Tattoo Candles for Spring

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You know we love seasonal decorations around these parts, and one thing I’m always excited to swap out with the seasons are my taper candles. Today I’m sharing two different spring DIYs for candles—DIY twisted gradient candles and DIY tattoo candles for spring. Pick your favorite or make them both, and have a fresh centerpiece for your Easter brunch.

I’ll start with the tattoo candles because they are so easy and pretty. You could use any temporary tattoos, but I chose small floral ones that are perfect for spring. Check out the DIY video here!



Simply take a wet paper towel or sponge and apply the temporary tattoos to your candles like you would your skin. That’s it!

Now let’s get to the bendy taper candles that I made! These are a bit more advanced, but if you’re patient then you can totally tackle these. See the full DIY video right here.

Let’s start with the supplies.



Step 1: Add hot water to a plastic bin large enough to hold your taper candles. You’ll want to soak for 10-15 minutes at 125° F. Make sure to change out the water as you go to keep the temperature steady.

Step 2: Once your candles are pliable, bend them very slowly. Try the patterns I created or make up your own!

Step 3: Once they’ve cooled, you can use a sponge and your alcohol inks to create a beautiful gradient pattern for spring.

So there you go—two groovy ideas for DIY pastel taper candles to use this spring. Which one is your favorite?

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